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Ferdinand - Unisex NEW

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  • For all those men and women, who don't just do what is EXPECTED but CHOOSE to make their own path!  

  • Inspired by the adorable bull who would rather admire flowers than fight other bulls!  Who was comfortable with who he was and did not chase stereotypes.  Ferdinand is for those who are confident about the choices they make and don't feel compelled to fit in.  

    Evoking the scents of the Spanish countryside, it has notes of carnations and magnolias, grassy meadows, a paella cooking nearby.  It has the warmth of animal skin with leather notes (you are after all sitting next to a bull:))

    The artwork on this bottle is by Goya, the famous Spanish artist.  Courtsey of Open Access by The Met.

    Our tribute to Spain and the Spanish countryside.  In honor of an unlikely hero - Ferdinand.


  • Denatured Alcohol (SDA Formula 40B), Fragrance, Water, Avobenzone, Octinoxate, Octisalate

    Our perfumes contain a much higher percentage of naturals than department store perfumes which use almost no naturals. We do use nature-identical synthetics when they are safer from an allergy perspective, are more eco-friendly and do not harm any animals. For example - the Indian Sandalwood tree (santalum album) is almost extinct. The supply of this essential oil is limited and unpredictable to prevent cutting too many trees. We have used aroma molecules identical to the ones found naturally in sandalwood. No deer were harmed for the Musk in our perfumes. Again, we use aroma molecules identical to the ones found naturally.

  • Top: Mimosa, Fresh mown grass
    Middle: Carnations, Magnolias, Saffron
    Base: Leather, Musk

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